My first blog post: An introduction to Me!

Hi! My name is Sophie, I am 19 years old and am from Birmingham. I currently study Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University.Although I will provide more info about me in my 'About' page, I wanted my first post to be slightly personal and for it to be a warm, kind 'Hi' from me to you, in the blogging world.

I've always read different types of blogs and have always wanted to create my own but never really found the right time, but the past year has been full of excitement and change, I thought it best that I start writing about it, whether it be to do with fashion, music, university travel or general lifestyle!

Since I'm studying a journalism based degree, I want to gain as much writing experience as I can before I enter the 'real world' and as I love the media as well, what else sounds better than a blog??

So, I hope that from reading my future blog posts that are yet to come, you are entertained, informed and advised. I hope that they are enjoyable to read and I look forward to the future in the blogging world!

S x

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